April 15, 2011

Female Role Model Entrepreneurs You Will Want to Meet

We have our Role Model Entrepreneur Page that I realize many of you may not look at automatically.  Let me encourage you to do so on a regular basis-just in case I might forget to post a new “role model” that was added to our list.  We’re keeping this “page” running with continuous bios, video interviews, links and whatever we find is interesting about women and girls we know are “role model entrepreneurs”.

We’ve given you an introduction to Amanda Faye Martin.  Now we want to introduce you to Valerie Torelli, Valerie Red-Horse, Courtney Macavinta,and the Manic Panic NYC sister team of Tish and Snooky.

Valerie Torelli has her own real estate business in Costa Mesa CA, Torelli Realty (what else would she call it?)  Valerie has presented at the Realizing a Vision conferences in Costa Mesa and Long Beach.  She was going join us for the Realizing a Vision conference scheduled last Fall at  the Peter F. Drucker School of Business, Claremont Graduate University (CGU) until we needed to reschedule it.  All the girls who have attended the Realizing a Vision conference get so much from Valerie Torelli’s presentations.  Kelly Trinh, a member of the Girl’s CEO Connection Teen Advisory Board interviewed Valerie.

Next you will have an opportunity to catch up about Valerie Red-Horse, founder of Red-Horse Native Productions as well as a financial guru.  Yes ladies, Valerie Red-Horse is a financial guru and works closely with the Native American tribes throughout the United States who have gaming businesses (casinos).  She is known as the person in the middle between financial arena and the Native American tribes to be sure both sides understands the other.  Valerie is also a film producer and director as well as the creator of beauty care products for Native Americans and also in business with her husband, Curt Mohl, a former NFL football star.

Valerie Red-Horse

On location as both producer and director for Red-Horse Native Productions

Moving on to another incredible role model is Courtney Macavintafrom San Jose California and the co-author of Respect, A Girl’s Guide to Getting Respect. Courtney is considered a social entrepreneur because she is doing something with her business to make a big social change.  What is the social change she wants to make?  It’s called making a respect a natural part of life.

You will  learn more about it Courtney’s views on respect and why it makes such a difference to her.  Courtney now has the Respect Institute which you will also want to learn more about.