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I met Marisa Anne Haedike through her Etsy .com shop, Creative Thursday on (Creative Thursday-check it out here).  She lives in Southern California and agreed to join us for the August 2009 Realizing a Vision conference.  Marisa believes you should be creative everyday, especially on Thursdays!!  She defies all the old-wives tales about the “starving artist” and how being a visual artist will never be a profitable venture.

Marisa Anne, Creative Thursday

Marisa Anne Haedike, Creative Thursday

Here’s the best description of Marisa we can give you and it is straight from her Creative Thursday  Web site at
“I LOVE COLOR – I love the ARTS – I LOVE CREATING – especially DAILY PAINTING and my newest love SEWING-I love MUSIC -I LOVE podcasts and podcasting! I LOVE teaching! I love Food – I love WINE – I love LAUGHING with friends who are like family and family who are like friends – I love Travel – I love FlOWERS – I love the OCEAN – I love Freedom – I love LOVE. 

With a background in advertising, acting, graphic design and interior design – it is all beginning to make sense now…

I have been creative all my life, and since my return to California, ten years ago now, I decided to trust the artist within me. My ever-restless entrepreneurial spirit has finally found a home in the limitless design of all things creative, including the newest ventures TEACHING in person and online. Oh and we can’t leave out VIDEO BLOGGING. I love to work in many different mediums from writing and acting, furniture and fabric design, sewing, to photography and painting. I am inspired by everything I listed in the first paragraph and then some.

Marisa has taken her art and turned it into a business as a true entrepreneur and it is bascially all online.  We congratulate her for her perseverance and passion. PAPYRUS has now collaborated with Marisa and is selling one of her boxed set of cards online at .  (By the way, PAPYRUS was founded by an entrepreneurial couple in 1950.-check it out here)

Congratulations Marisa and Creative Thursday for being an inspiration to all young artists with turning an visual arts talent into a thriving business.  By the way, the breakout session Marisa did for the Realizing a Vision conference was Using How to Sell Your Handcrafted Designs”  

We’ll be adding Marisa Anne to our Role Model Entrepreneurs’ page after Vivian interviews her.  

Be sure to send your suggestions for a Role Model Entrepreneur (a female of any age) to me at and note in the subject line Role Model Suggestions. If you have questions for Marisa Anne email me as well and I’ll forward them to her. Just think, your art and designs may be just right for an online business or to sell on