Valerie Torelli, Founder of Torelli Realty in Costa Mesa, California was one of our first role-models interviewed by members of the Girl’s CEO Connection Teen Advisory Board.

Kelly Trinh conducted the interview with Valerie at the Torelli Realty office.  You can also read more about Valerie on our Role Model Entrepreneur Page.

We split the interview into 5 parts to make it easier for you to follow. This is part two of the series.  Valerie and Kelly have a fascinating conversation and we are so proud of Kelly.  She prepared all the questions for the interview and you will soon see and hear a very interesting conversation.

Every question leads to an answer that will both enlighten you as well as help you become successful while in high school and college.  Most of all we think these conversations will help you on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and future woman leader.

One of the points Valerie talks about in this video (2 of 5) has to do with one of the biggest difficulties she has an entrepreneur:

  • When to let go of an employee vs. when to keep an employee
  1. She looks at where she herself is most productive and fills in with employees that know more than she does
  2. Intuition plays a big part along with consistent communication with her staff.  There is no “glass ceiling” in Torelli Realty

How does Valerie Torelli look at failure from her own decisions and then her employees?  Watch the video to find out.

The other four videos of the interview are found on the Girl’s CEO Connection Facebook Page in the video album section. You can also find all of the Realizing a Vision videos on our YouTube Channel.

The next update is about Guy Kawaski’s book, Enchantment, The Art of Changing Minds, and Actions.

I wrote about it in the last post while I was reading it.  It is such a good book and easy read.  In fact, this is one of my books I marked up, added those tiny sticky note tabs and highlighted sentences.   

Why am I blogging about Enchantment again?  I would recommend it to anyone who needs buy-in for their business, wants to be a great employee and employer.  I think every high school and college graduate would benefit from this book as a graduation gift.  I would love to give a copy to each high school girl who attended the Realizing a Vision conferences and those who follow us on our Girl’s CEO Connection Facebook Page and also members of the Realizing a Vision Facebook Group.

Do you want to “enchant” your employer?  Get ready for these points covered in Enchantment’s Chapter  11, “How to Enchant Your Boss”:


  • Make Your Boss Look Good
  • Drop Everything and Do What Your Boss Asks
  • Underpromise,  Overdeliver
  • Prototype Your Work
  • Show and Broadcast Progress
  • Form Friendships’
  • Ask for Mentoring Deliver Bad News Early
Even for those of you who are working to learn from an entrepreneur or small business, these points may be difficult to swallow.  Before  you complain read Enchantment and absorb the advice Guy Kawasaki’s experience.
Also I have added a video clip from Guy Kawasaki’s portion of How to Enchant Your  Boss and also How to Enchant Your Employees.  Enjoy as I think this is some of the best advice any high school and college student or grad can get in this day and age-even if you are going to be a business owner while in school.
The logo for Girl’s CEO Connection is a butterfly because this is about transforming today’s teenage girl into a new generation of entrepreneur and woman leader.  A caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.  The world is changed when this happens. As Mr. Kawasaki notes, “this takes more than run-of-the mill relationships.  You need to convince people to dream the same dream that you do.”
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