Greetings on Friday afternoon, August 26, 2011.    

A new announcement for the Girl’s CEO Connection.  We now have three college women on our Advisory Team and decided to change the title to Young Women’s Advisory Council.  After all, sophomores in college will soon be out of their teen years.

       We are very pleased to introduce you to the newest members of our Young Women’s Advisory Council.

        Tammy Nguyen is a sophomore in high school  from Westminster, California.  Nancy Avila hails from Southern California and is a sophomore at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Tammy was recommended by two of our Council members, Alexandra Hoang and Kelly Trinh.  Our good friend Karen Jashinsky, founder of O2 Max Fitness, introduced us to Nancy as I too attended Babson College.   Nancy was a marketing intern for Karen over the summer of 2011 and is one of the O2 Max Fitness College Campus Fitness Ambassadors.

Both Tammy and Nancy are interested in business and entrepreneurship and we are thrilled to have join us.  To learn more about Nancy and Tammy, click over to our Young Women’s Advisory Council.  

Tammy Nguyen

Nancy Avila