Thoughtful Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our thought for this Thursday is from a very accomplished and special woman entrepreneur from Irvine, California: Susan Johnson, Founder and CEO of Susan’s Healthy Gourmet

You can start a business at any point in your life and as long as you have the passion in what you love, you will be successful.

Susan shared this thought during the Realizing a Vision  conference in Long Beach, California in 2009.   Her session Develop the Leader Within received rave reviews and this is just one of many thoughts making a lasting impression on a room filled of high school girls.

Susan loves what she does, cares about her customers and is passionate about healthy living.   She received the 2011 California Small Business Association Award for the 70th Assembly District on June 6 at the 2011 California Small Business Day Awards.    Susan is also the President of Xan Confections, very healthy chocolate treats!  

Next week we’ll share some more thoughts from successful women entrepreneurs at the Realizing a Vision conferences.  Until next week!!