March 26, 2011

Part 1

Young Women Entrepreneurs on the Move!!

We love learning about young women entrepreneurs who start their businesses while in high school or for that matter before high school.  What amazes me is that some of these girls are not what the media may expect to be business owners.  Every single girl we have interviewed are role-models.  Their videos will be on our Role Model Entrepreneurs Page. 

 The videos say more than we can write in a post and are much more interesting.

Ana Rivas is a big believer in visioning.  You will see in her video how she’s used visioning.   Ana has spent her high school years producing magazines, first fashion and now literary.  Ana has no qualms about calling seasoned entrepreneurs for advice.  As she told me, “they’re only people and what can I lose on it?”  I’m looking forward to watching where Ana goes next.

Katalina Pinkney, founder of Tahiti Waheenee  which she began while attending Palm Springs High SchoolShe is one of those quiet young women that no one would expect to be an entrepreneur.  What I really like about Katalina is her spirit.  She has a vision for expanding her business and is doing a great job juggling college courses while attending trade shows. 

There are so many young women to watch as they grow their businesses.  In fact there are many more that are never found in the media.  I would love to get each and everyone of them as part of the Girl’s CEO Connection community and bring them together with like minded peers across the country and perhaps globally. 

 If you have suggestions of high school girls with businesses please let me know at realizingavision@gmail.comThe businesses can be product or service, technology, non-profit or even partnerships with family members.  The more teens we learn about and connect with the larger the community becomes of high school girls in business.   You may know of girls who want to start a business and that’s even better.  Just let us know.

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