Realizing a Vision is the name of the conference I created that is now produced under the Girl’s C.E.O. Connection.  It is also the title of my new book. I should say that it is part of the title for the book.  We are taking suggestions for the tagline to complete the title. The book is written specifically for high school girls and college women who have started businesses or want to start a business in the near future.

Realizing a Vision,the book is not about writing a business plan, creating a marketing strategy or learning how to read financial statements. It is filled with knowledge, behaviors and strategies used by successful women entrepreneurs.

For many Realizing a Vision will be read like a guide whereas for others like a recipe book. It’s written to show the reader the techniques and way of thinking that goes beyond classroom studies and business planning programs. This information is not found in entrepreneur studies for high school or college courses.  It’s thinking and techniques from the perspective of accomplished women entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s ways they  found that worked for them as they started and grew successful businesses. 

For the next several weeks I will be posting sections of chapters from Realizing a Vision.  I am not posting the entire chapter at one time.  I am going to give you a bit at a time.  Although members of the Girl’s CEO Connection’s Young Women’s Advisory Council have edited the chapters, it would be great to get your feedback and comments.  Afterall, Realizing a Vision is being written for the followers of the Girl’s CEO Connection blog, young women as well as educators and counselors guiding teen girls into entrepreneurship.  The information is  valuable for college women starting and growing businesses as well.

A new page is created just for the book blog posts: Realizing a Vision: The Book. Chapter 1, Realizing a Vision of Owning a Business: Dream It and Do It (click here)


Sylvia RJ Scott