March 12, 2013

Why Do People Think High School Girls in the U.S.A.Need To Follow Safe Careers?

Globally high school girls are just as creative and innovative as their male peers. Why do people, especially in the U.S.A. think high school girls need to follow safe careers? There is no real reason that teenage girls need to wait until college or as adults to be accepted as a female entrepreneur. Perhaps when family and teachers give them encouragement and opportunities while in high school girls will see being an entrepreneur is a good career for them. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words The Realizing a Vision conference is an action to give girls characteristics and traits of successful women entrepreneurs. These women bring to life what they have learned over the years.  Non-profit groups and schools show youth how to write and implement  business plans. Realizing a Vision engages and equips girls as a new generation of entrepreneurs to follow in the footsteps of the giants before them.  Invest in today’s high school girls becoming women entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses.

Best regards,

Sylvia Scott

Co-Author: Realizing a Vision, Your Toolkit for Success, Words of Wisdom for Young Female Entrepreneurs (Scheduled for June 2016) 

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