August 18, 2013

“When more girls believe they can become leaders, more will become leaders, and there will one day be a lot more women in positions of power.”

Why Does The Walt Disney Company Continue to Promote Its Princess Style to Girls in 2013 ?  

On May 20th our blog post asked this question.  I have never learned the answer  although it was very rewarding to see The Walt Disney Company pay attention to the public outcry against their redesign of Brave’s Merida.   The latest version of the Merida doll looks much more like the original Merida rather than a  thinner and sexualized version.  However the portrayal of her on sleepwear, backpack and the school supply kit continues to depict the heroine as much thinner and sexier than the “real” Merida.  The picture remains to have the Disney stamp of approval for willowy doe-eyed girls.Merida T-Shirt

Why doesn’t the Disney Company transfer the original animated design of Brave’s Merida onto these products?  All the Brave marketing materials use the original animated version,  including the covers of the “Brave” DVD sets.  Disney uses the original animation on their products  for Mickey Mouse and all his great friends: Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto.  So again, why is Merida any different?  Perhaps the Walt Disney Company really sees her as an exceptionally thin and sexy young woman. Perhaps the Disney leaders never saw the movie Brave and have no idea that Princess Merida has her own vision of how she wants to lead her life.  

Merida Disney Promo

Mickey and Friends T-shirt

Now Have You Ever Thought What Merida Might Be Like as a Grown Princess or Woman Leader?

There is another vision of Merida I want to share with you.  One that combines her athletic skills with her courageous and brave nature.  What if Merida decided to become an entrepreneur?  What if she became a business owner who uses her physical strength, courage and  strong mind to create a successful business?  Karen Jashinsky is a perfect example of how I see Merida as an entrepreneur.  Karen is the founder of O2 MAX FITNESS in Santa Monica California.  Karen’s innovative approach to fitness is designed for young people whether a high school student, college student or a young working professional.  In fact Karen even looks like a grown up version of Merida.Karen Jashinsky

After you read the remainder of the post on our Role Model Entrepreneurs Page we would love to learn about your views on Merida and how she might look when she grows up.

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Author: Realizing a Vision, The Path for Teen Girls to Become Successful Entrepreneurs.  (Scheduled for early 2017)