October 9,2015

Reverse the Course on a Path To Educate 100 Girls in Africa.

Reverse the Course

Teen social entrepreneur Mary Grace Henry, founder of Reverse the Course, has a goal to educate 100 girls in Africa. Mary Grace designs and produces unique hair accessories including reversible headbands.  Mary Grace began her journey as a girl entrepreneur at the age of 12. Mary Grace is now a freshman at Notre Dame University. Mary Grace’s direction for Reverse the Course has made it possible for 66 girls in Africa to receive an education. She now has an additional goal to develop entrepreneurial programming for the girls she has provided an education. Even with a high school education it is difficult for the girls to get jobs. Mary Grace knows that financial literacy and entrepreneurial skill sets will be valuable tools for our students.

You can also learn more about Mary Grace, Reverse the Course products and how to order on the Reverse the Course website.  If you are in a sorority be sure to contact Mary Grace about the Trunk Show in a Box program.  There are specialized designs for each sorority. By the way, Mary Grace has college girls as interns on summer break.  This is a great way to expand on ideas to develop products for a new market.

One more bit of news about Mary Grace.  She was the Girl Rising Ambassador for the Second Annual International Day of the Girl.  As the Ambassador Mary Grace represented Girl Rising at the “Erasing Barriers for Girl’s Education” Forum sponsored by UNICEF. The event was held on October 11, 2013, the official date of the International Day of the Girl.  You can learn more about what it was like for Mary Grace in her blog post for Girl Rising (click on here).

Sylvia R.J. Scott, Founder of Girl’s CEO Connection

Co-Author of the forthcoming book Realizing a Vision, Your Toolkit for Success. Wisdom for Young Female Entrepreneurs.