March 4, 2013

Female Entrepreneurs Come From Diverse Backgrounds with Very Diverse Business Visions

Moving forward this week to celebrate  International Women’s Day on March 8th, each post will highlight one female entrepreneur.  The entrepreneurs will be as diverse as the problems their businesses solve.  There will be young women who began their businesses in high school, others during college, or as young adults. There may be the seasoned and veteran entrepreneur who launched a business out of a financial concerns for her family.  There may also be the woman entrepreneur who was tired of making money for someone else and knew she had the solution to a problem she wanted to tackle. 

Let’s begin with a high school sophomore who combined science, financial literacy, and business courses to create a social business.  Hayley Hoverter, founder of Sweet (dis) Solve is now 18 years old and a freshman at Dartmouth College, a private Ivy League research university located in Hanover, New Hampshire.

I met Hayley by phone when she was  going to be one of the discussion leaders for our 2013 Realizing a Vision Conference. Rather than re-create Hayley Hoverter’s bio for you, here it is in her own words.

“I am a social entrepreneur and graduated in May 2013 from Downtown Magnets High School in Downtown Los Angeles.”

Hayley Hoverter Headshot

In October of 2011, I placed first at the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship’s (NFTE’s) National Challenge with my business plan for Sweet (dis)SOLVE, LLC, a sales and marketing business for the world’s first ever patent-pending, ecologically conscious dissolvable sugar packets. I started the business when I was 15 years old to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from paper waste. My idea stemmed from watching my mother dispose of paper sugar packet “carcasses” when she used to bring me into her work at a Starbucks in San Francisco, California.  I was six years old. (Click hear to continue on the Role Model Entrepreneur Page).

Cheers and see you tonight (March 4, 2013) when we highlight Karen Jashinsky, founder of O2 MAX (Fitness)

Sylvia Scott, Founder, Girl’s CEO Connection

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