Female Entrepreneurs Come From Diverse Backgrounds with Very Diverse Business Visions-Part 2

Continuing with our celebration of  International Women’s Day 2014 we are highlighting Karen Jashinsky, founder and chief fitness director of O2MAX in Santa Monica, California female.  Karen’s mission is to revolutionize the way students experience fitness.

K J Physical

I have known Karen for many years and love her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to a healthy lifestyle and teenage girls and college women. The Girl’s CEO Connection™ is proud to have Karen on the Advisory Board and a presenter for our Realizing a Vision Conference.  Her commitment to physical fitness for both a strong body and mind fits right into the Girl’s CEO Connection™. To be equipped as a young entrepreneur being fit and healthy is key. After all it is more difficult to stay focused on your studies and business when you are tired and too stressed out to think clearly.  In fact Karen’s tips are included in my new book, Realizing a Vision.

Karen’s business is very different than other physical fitness programs

Karen’s innovative approach to fitness is designed for young people whether a high school student, college student, or a young working professional. She takes an entrepreneurial approach with all her clients-students and adults and has a passion for helping people fit fitness into their busy schedules so they can reach their goals and maximize their lifestyles.

 O2 MAX creates a lifestyle-friendly fitness solution that is adaptable and completely personalized. It offers options a focus on important milestone events in people’s lives, like a prom, wedding, or a trip to the beach. Workout schedules are adapted based on work and school schedules as well as stress and sleep schedules to promote maximum accountability and performance.  Read more

To learn why we consider Karen Jashinky a role model for entrepreneurs please read more on the Role Model Entrepreneur Page



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