Latina Entrepreneur Nely Galan’s Advice to Future Female Entrepreneurs 

     Female entrepreneurs make the best role models for young girls interested in taking an idea and turning it into a viable enterprise. High school girls usually have a difficult time finding accomplished women entrepreneurs, of any age, to serve as a role model or mentors. These female entrepreneurs are definitely out there yet are not as self-promotional as their male peers.The Girl’s CEO Connection wants to see high school girls become more visible in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Ladies, it is time to meet some great women role models like Nely Galan.I doubt  she has ever had a challenge with self-promotion. Nely is one of the most accomplished and visible Latina entrepreneurs. She is the founder of The Adelante Movement and Galan Entertainment. Her favorite project is Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and a favorite with Donald Trump when she appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice. Girl’s CEO Connection was privileged to have Nely as a keynote speaker for the first Realizing a Vision conference. Her dynamic personality added the story of her entrepreneur journey. When I watched Nely’s presentation from the conference I decided to share it with you.

Images for Hispanic magazine of Nely GalanCheck it out on our Role Model Entrepreneurs page. Learn how selling Avon products while in high school at a private girl’s school in New Jersey got her on the road of being an entrepreneur. What high school girl would not want to be an intern for Seventeen Magazine? Listen to Nely tell her story of how she got an internship with Seventeen Magazine for her senior year of high school. That is another reason I see her as one of the best role models for young female entrepreneurs.

 This leads to my next section on this blog post. The book I have been writing for months now is on the second draft. The topics of the chapters are always part of our Realizing a Vision conference.Today I want to share with you some tidbits from the chapter, Minding Yourself. How to keep emotions under control as well as how you can transform business and personal relationships by not making assumptions  I am going to share with you some tidbits of the chapter on the Realizing a Vision, The Book page.

      Right now I would like to thank the young women who served on our Young Women’s Advisory Council for their support of the book and taking the time to critique the chapters. Nashley Ruiz (University of San Francisco ’13), Alexander Hoang (University of California Berkeley ’17), Kelly Trinh (University of California Berkeley ’17), and Ana Rivas (Pasadena City College ’14).

      If you would like to provide some input on a For any high school girl or college woman who would like to help with reviewing some chapters please contact me at The girls who work on it will receive name recognition in the book as well as including a headshot. I am also adding it to social media sites.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Sylvia Scott, Founder


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