September 17, 2014

Thank You Alexandra, Ana,Kelly, and Nashely 

I want to thank Alexandra Hoang, Kelly Trinh, Ana Rivas, and Nashely Ruiz for their constant support with the writing of Realizing a Vision, The Guide Book for Teen Girls to Become Successful Entrepreneurs.  

Alex Hoang

Nashely Ruiz, University of San Francisco '13

Nashely Ruiz, University of San Francisco ’13

Their review and totally honest feedback has been a greatly appreciated. They also served as members of the Girl’s CEO Connection Young Women’s Advisory Council. From managing the content of our social media platforms to conducting video interviews of accomplished female entrepreneurs these four young women have been indispensable.  Alexandra, Ana,Kelly, and Nashely were the ones being interviewed. Thank you again ladies and I hope you will be part of our final editing process.

Ana Rivas

Ana Rivas, Pasadena City College, ’14

Kelly Trinh

Kelly Trinh, University of California Berkeley,’17



August 25, 2012


Congratulations to Nashely Ruiz

We want to congratulate Nashely Ruiz,a valuable and longtime member of the Girl’s CEO Connection Young Women’s Advisory Council.

Nashely attends the University of San Francisco.  She is an International Business major and will be studying in Italy this Fall 2012.  She has been our Young Women’s Advisory Council for four years now.  She will be missed.  Nashely is the founder of Peppa People, an organization dedicated towards providing the necessary resources for children to be able to attend school.

Getting Together to Share about the Realizing a Vision Conferences, Joining the Advisory Team, along with Teen and Women Entrepreneurs as Role Models.  

Vivian,Tammy, Alexandra, Kelly

We met in Ontario CA to talk about how the girls got involved with the Girl’s CEO Connection advisory team, entrepreneurs in their high schools, and the influence of women in business.  The video pretty much says it all in a nutshell.  One disclosure: the discussion was much like you see on The View-unscripted and unrehearsed.

Unfortunately not all the members could join us.  Nancy and Nashely were on their way back to college and Ana lives too far from Ontario.

Alexandra & Tammy



Ana Cristell RivasA friend of Girl’s CEO Connection since the first Realizing a Vision conference, November 1, 2008. 

An apology goes to Ana Cristell Rivas, the first member of our Young Women’s Advisory Council known then as the Teen Advisory Council.  She had to drop off for a bit and then returned in early 2011.  We thought she was included on the original posting of the 2011-2012 members. Oops-we missed her.  So sorry Ana.

Ana came to the first Realizing a Vision conference when she was 14 years old.  She lives in Los Angeles Echo Park area and attends the Downtown Magnets High School in Los Angeles (fashion magnet).  Today she is a senior and plans to attend a California State University.  Ana became an entrepreneur when she was 14 years old.  Like some of our other team members Ana attended the Academy of Business Leadership after her freshman year of high school.  Ana loves fashion and the business of fashion.   Ana’s career choice is to ultimately be a traveling photo journalist.

The Girl’s CEO Connection Advisory Team

The Teen Advisory Team provides essential feedback during the wrap up session of the planning of the future Realizing a Vision conferences.  The team advices on ways to market to their peers and makes suggestions on what to have on our blog and Facebook Pages.  We are adding new team  members as we move forward.

The  2010-2011 members are Alexandra Hoang, Kelly Trinh, Nashely Ruiz, and Vivian Duong.  PLUS the return of Ana Cristell Rivas and the addition of Tammy Nguyen and Nancy Avila.

Alexandra Hoang

Alexandra Hoang is a high school junior from Fountain Valley, California. She is Co-President for KIWIN’S, a community service based club at her school, a member of the Pink Ribbon club, a player on the school’s Junior Varsity tennis team, and a graduate of the Academy of Business Leadership’s Summer Business Institute and Building Outstanding Leaders Today Program. In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys listening to music and watching E News and Grey’s Anatomy. She is inspired by the positive and beautiful things in the world so she aspires to travel a lot in the future. Alexandra has been on the Girl’s CEO Connection Teen Advisory Team since 2009.

Kelly Trinh

Kelly Trinh is a high school junior from  Westminster, California. She has been on the Teen Advisory Board for Girl’s CEO Connection since winter of 2009 and is also a graduate of the Academy of Business Leadership’s Summer Business Institute and Building Outstanding Leaders Today Program. Outside of school she enjoys reading, writing, practicing the violin, and reading articles online.

Nashley Ruiz is currently a sophomore at  University of San Francisco and is also a graduate of the Academy of Business Leadership’s Summer Business Institute. She has been on the board since 2009. She joined the board because of her passion for helping people, education, and kids. At seventeen years old, she founded People Education People on Poverty Awareness (Peppa), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing necessary resources for children to attend school while simultaneously raising awareness on poverty. Her motivation to create Peppa stems from a belief instilled in her by her late grandmother “Mama Peppa”, Peppa’s namesake, that individuals can evoke great change.

Vivian Duong is a sophomore at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island but was born and raised in California. She has been on the Teen Advisory Board since the summer of 2010 and she graduated from the Academy of Business Leadership’s Summer Business Institute and Building Outstanding Leaders Today Program. Her favorite part about being involved with Girl’s CEO Connection is meeting many successful women who want to inspire young girls. She enjoys running, volunteering, looking at cute furry animals, procrastinating, and smelling nice scents such as those found at Bath & Body Works stores.

Nancy Avila

And meet 
Nancy Avila:  I’m Nancy Avila and currently a sophomore at Babson College. I’m a business administration major with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship. I definitely want to start my own business soon after I graduate but I’m still unsure of what industry I want to go into. I’m currently exploring my many options. At Babson, I’m involved with the Women’s Leadership Program. Some of my favorite courses so far have been business law, rhetoric, and history and society foundations.

Over the summer I was an intern at 02 MAX Fitness, a fitness company started by Karen Jashinsky to help kids, teens, and college students stay fit and healthy. I’ll be continuing my internship into the fall by becoming an O2 MAX Fitness campus ambassador at Babson. I was also an intern for Used Cardboard Boxes Inc. and for the LA chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

In my spare time, I like to play the piano, listen to music, work out, spend time with my friends, shop, and read books.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Tammy Nguyen

Tammy Nguyen is from Westminster, California and a sophomore in high school.  Just as her friends Alexandra and Kelly, Tammy is active in her school clubs and extracurricular activities.  For the 2011/2012 school year she is Secretary and Competition Committee Co-Chair for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) in her school.  Tammy is also Interact Club’s  co-president along with many other school programs.  One of her personal goals is to become a true renaissance woman.