Welcome to the Girl’s CEO Connection™ blog for high school girls. It’s the place to meet like-minded girls who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Our readers learn about and from female entrepreneurs of all ages, cultures and  business types.

The Girl’s CEO Connection™ is a social enterprise with a mission dedicated to engaging and equipping teenage girls to become young female entrepreneurs.

Girl’s CEO Connection™ goes beyond the typical business curriculum available to high school students. We fill the gaps left by those who focus on the processes of starting and growing a business. We utilize online forums, an interactive blog, social media platforms,video interviews,and our signature Realizing a Vision conferences to encourage and inspire the development of skills and ways of thinking that lay the foundation to be a successful young female entrepreneur. In other words we introduce teenage girls to the characteristics and tools accomplished women entrepreneurs wish they had known starting out with their businesses.

We provide avenues for interaction with successful female entrepreneurs who mentor, motivate and represent the global community.Girls attending the Realizing a Vision conferences have the opportunity for one-on-one conversations with high-profile entrepreneurs and experts. We also offer access to young women who have started thriving ventures in high school or college. These young female entrepreneurs share their experiences, answer questions, and spark new ideas in peer-to-peer conversations. We show high school girls entrepreneurial pathways and how to expand their potential.We provide a culture of support for them to apply their creativity and innovation.

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